Dianna Boulat

I joined the Croftbridge team in October 2019 as a law graduate and was admitted to practice at the end of 2020.

For two years prior to joining Croftbridge, I worked in advisory and business development. This has allowed me to bring a different perspective to solving legal problems and has equipped me with a non-traditional skill set that complements my legal work.

The legal system can seem unnecessarily complex at times – helping clients understand it and come out the other side not overwhelmed is a win that will never get old. I am constantly learning from the rest of the team and strive to be as transparent with advice and costing as they are. It was a privilege to support Tim with two large Supreme Court trials in my first year at Croftbridge in which the team achieved great outcomes for the clients.

Contentious estate matters have been especially interesting for me. As these are usually deeply personal matters, I find it particularly rewarding to help bring closure to the client upon conclusion of the matter.

Although originally from Melbourne, I have fallen in love with Perth and all of the perks of living here. When I have free time, I enjoy camping, fishing and scuba diving down south. When I finish up at work each day you’ll find me rushing back home to tend to my dog Enzo and the plethora of plants that I insist on having.