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Contested Wills and Estates

We are experienced in all areas of contested estates, regularly appearing for those who wish to make (or defend) a Family Provision Act claim. Often these matters are complex, involving a cross-over with other areas of law. They often also involve a number of family members requiring representation.  So you know they will be looked after, we have a close network of like-minded lawyers we can refer those family members to.

To give you a sense of the types of matters we can handle, our experience includes the following:

  • advising on, and representing clients in, claims under the Family Provision Act;
  • advising executors, administrators and trustees of their obligations in each of those capacities, both before and during any anticipated litigation.
  • advising clients on the validity of a will in the context of questions as to testamentary capacity, undue influnce and informal wills, including the necessary Court applications required to prove a will;
  • advising ‘next friends’ and ‘guardians ad litem’ acting on behalf of infant beneficiaries;
  • advising on the utility of DNA evidence when a relationship with the deceased is in issue;
  • assisting with superannuation and death benefit disputes;
  • appointment of guardians and administrators under the Guardianship and Administration Act.
Contested Wills and Estates Croftbridge Lawers in Perth