About Us

Croftbridge was brought into existence in 2016 by Tim Lethbridge and Elise Croft, with Claudia Lewin joining us in 2018, Dianna Boulat in 2019 and Beverley Sorrell joining us in 2021.  

It used to be that lawyers were a protected species, using impenetrable language, providing confusing, impractical advice and issuing bills that bore no resemblance to the results actually achieved. Those days are on their way out and we want to be at the front line in bringing modern customer service to the legal profession. This means regular communication by whatever means suits the client, not the lawyer. It means providing clear, decisive and practical advice.

We charge based on results, not time. We tell the customer what we are going to do and how much it will cost, then we stick with it. Our quotes are all-inclusive – they include GST and all of our administrative costs. The amount we quote is the amount you pay.

We operate from a paperless office and are constantly looking for ways to use technology to improve our clients’ experience.

We don’t see each case as a transaction. We don’t want the relationship to end when the matter ends. We only deal with a few areas of law – commercial litigation, wills and estates, employment law and safety. So we have built up a network across nearly all areas of law and across many industries. We are constantly seeking to build and strengthen that network by finding out what our clients need, beyond a resolution to their case, and using our network to help them achieve that.

Who We Are

CroftBridge Lawyers Tim Lethbridge

Tim Lethbridge

CroftBridge Lawyers Elise Croft

Elise Croft

CroftBridge Lawyers Claudia Lewin

Claudia Lewin

CroftBridge Lawyers Dianna Boulat

Dianna Boulat

CroftBridge Lawyers Beverley Sorrell

Beverley Sorrell