If any of these situations apply to you, it may be worth contacting us for advice:

  • If you have been dismissed;
  • If your work conditions have been changed without your agreement;
  • If you have been offered a settlement, a payout or a voluntary redundancy;
  • If you have been accused of breaching a restraint of trade or confidentiality clause;
  • If you have not received your full employment entitlements;
  • If you are being harassed, discriminated against or bullied in the course of your employment.

Whatever the situation, if you are considering legal advice, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. In particular, if you have been dismissed, there are strict time limits within which you must make any application – this is usually 21 days from the date the dismissal takes effect.

We offer fixed costs wherever possible so that you know exactly how much we will charge for each step of the matter.

We also offer special rates for unfair dismissal cases. Because it is rare to recover costs in an unfair dismissal case (even if you win), it is often not commercially viable to engage a lawyer to take your matter to hearing. Our special rates are designed to overcome this problem so that if you have a good case and it cannot be settled at conciliation, it is still viable to take the matter to hearing. Please contact us and we can send you a copy of our rates.

If you think you may have an unfair dismissal claim, please email us on tim@croftbridge.com.au, remembering to attach (if possible) copies of your employment contract and any correspondence leading up to your dismissal.